Bruce Peat

9th February 2016

The perfect pancake

Today is Pancake Tuesday so time to indulge in some delicious pancakes.

Researchers at the University College London have done some research into how to create the perfect pancake. Depending on how you like them, the apparent art behind the perfect pancake has to do with the quantity of water which escapes from the batter whilst cooking.


Interestingly this research has far reaching consequences in research into the human eye as the process of water escaping batter is similar to that of water escaping the human eye and could give clues towards the treatment of glaucoma.

So these researchers were not just finding a way to eat pancakes all day.

Pancake Tuesday, or Shrove Tuesday as its traditionally known, was the last day before lent where Christians would eat Pancakes as they contained butter, fat and eggs, all foods which could not be consumed during lent.

Shrove Tuesday is traditionally observed by many Christians on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.

Read the full story here.

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