Bruce Peat

8th December 2016

That moment when the gas stops flowing

PEAK Scientific have launched a brand new advert initially for the LCGC Europe publication. This advert focuses on the frustration of many labs when their gas supply lets them down.

When running a set of analyses overnight or over a weekend, the last thing you want to worry about is your gas supply. With a gas generator from PEAK Scientific, it will be the last thing on your mind. Supporting PEAK's reliable on demand gas generators, is the most comprehensive warranty and after-sales service available on the market, meaning preventative maintenance is scheduled to a time that suits you, keeping downtime to a minimum. 

With a PEAK gas generator supplying nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air, lab gas supply problems from cylinders or other gas generator manufacturers can be a thing of the past. 

Click on the ad below to find out how a PEAK gas generator can remove the frustrations of laboratory gas  for analytical instruments such as LC-MS and GC:

Buy nitrogen gas for LC-MS, replace lab gas cylinders

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