1st October 2019

As a global company, providing easy access to the latest information on our gas generator products and services is crucial for us to ensure our customers, suppliers, employees and Peak certified engineers around the world are given the right information.

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ResourceSpace – Peak’s Resource Portal

In understanding the need for our global network to have access to the latest information on our gas generator products and service plans, we provide access to such information online through our ResourceSpace platform.

On ResourceSpace – whether you’re a customer, a supplier, an employee or a Peak trained and certified engineer – you can obtain the latest information on Peak Scientific and Peak Gas Generation online, from one portal. You can browse through our gas generator user manuals and technical documents, as well as the latest company logos and brochures on our products and service plans – all of which are regularly updated by Peak, making sure all information remains current and accurate.

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How to access Peak’s ResourceSpace

You can search for all the latest information through the search bar  located at the top of the ResourceSpace homepage.


If you're looking for specific documentation, you can first filter your search by ticking the different options on the document list. Tick the ones you want and untick the ones you don't want to search for, and then click on the search button at the bottom of the search section. If you're looking for images or brochures of specific generators, you can enter the key word in the search bar and tick the document type.


Downloading Documents from ResourceSpace

When you click on the search button, a new page will load with a tile view of the documents you searched for. Here, we can see a tile view of a selection of brochures available. 


Once you find the document you need, you can click on it on the tile view to download it and save it on your own device. When you click on the document in the tile view, you will have a new window pop up on your screen with the document you selected. You can download it by clicking on one of the download options on the right hand side. 


Sharing documents through ResourceSpace

You can also share documents with your your network of colleagues or customers through ResourceSpace. You can do this by clicking on the the share icon  share  at the bottom of the window with the download options. Once you click on the icon, a new window will load where you can generate a URL for the document. To generate the URL, click on 'Generate URL'


A URL will then be generated which you can copy and paste to share.


Alternatively, you can also share documents by emailing them directly to your contact if you select the 'E-mail resource' option located above the 'Generate URL' option. Simply complete the form and click on 'E-mail resource'.



To access more specific information our resource portal, you will need to set up an account. This can be done quickly here by requesting user login. You will then need to complete the form with your contact details and information.



Once you register for an account, we’ll send you your login details to access your unique ResourceSpace account. You can then log in and browse through our collections of digital media on our gas generator products and service plans.

Sign up for a ResourceSpace account today    


At Peak Scientific, we know how important it is for our customers, suppliers, employees and Peak certified engineers to have the latest information and updates. With access to Peak Scientific's ResourceSpace, you can rest assured the information you access is correct and up to date, providing you with accurate information on all our gas generator products and the service plans we have to offer, any time, any day.  

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