15th February 2018

Solaris - What's in a name?

A lot of thought goes into naming PEAK Scientific products. Today we are sharing the meaning behind the name of our Solaris 10 nitrogen generator.

PEAK's Solaris 10 nitrogen generator for ELSD is engineered to meet the nitrogen requirements for high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with evaporative light scattering detectors (ELSD) and compact mass spectrometers. Designed primarily for evaporative light scattering detectors, the name 'Solaris' was a natural fit for this nitrogen generator as Solaris means 'solar' or 'of the sun', our largest and most important source of light.

Solaris Nitrogen generator

Solaris 10 Nitrogen Generator

The green graphic on our Solaris products, as can be seen above, also encompasses the theme of light. On first glance it can be seen to resemble a sun radiating light but physicists may find the image familiar for another reason. It has been inspired by the Bohr atomic model which, among other things, illustrated the relationship between the energy lost by an electron in abrupt transition and the energy of the quantum of emitted light.

The Solaris 10 nitrogen generator, built in our state of the art ISO:9001 manufacturing facility by our team of highly skilled and experienced gas generator engineers, can provide 10L/min of high purity nitrogen (up to 99.5%, dependent upon flow rate). The 10L/min of high purity nitrogen capability of this ELSD generator explains why it is called the Solaris 10.

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