Kevin Bathgate

20th September 2019

Rugby World Cup 2019 Planner

Rugby in Scotland has a rich history – and with PEAK HQ based in Scotland with one of our global offices in Japan, who can blame us for our excitement ahead of the Rugby World Cup 2019?

The Rugby World Cup 2019 kicks off today, Friday the 20th of September, with the host Japan taking on Russia for the opening match. Scotland is then lined up against Ireland on Sunday the 22nd of September but the excitement at PEAK HQ is already in the air!

So, if you’re a rugby fan and want to spread the fun, you can download your free interactive Rugby World Cup 2019 wall planner and keep everyone in your lab up to date with the latest scores. It’s available to print in A3 format to stick on your wall. To download the Rugby World Cup 2019 planner click here


We wish all rugby lovers a great time during the Rugby World Cup 2019 tournament, and we hope our colleagues in Japan will enjoy the spirit in their homeland. Best of luck to everyone’s competing teams! 

Click download to get your free wall chart    

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