21st November 2023

Renfrewshire celebrates success

Renfrewshire, Scotland – November 21, 2023 – 

Renfrewshire celebrated its most successful companies at the 19th annual ROCCO Awards ceremony, held on Friday, November 17th at the Normandy Hotel. Sponsored by Invest In Renfrewshire, the event recognized the outstanding achievements of 17 businesses that have made significant contributions to the region's economic growth and well-being.


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What are the ROCCO Awards? 

The ROCCO Awards, Renfrewshire's top business event, is organized by the Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce to highlight the talent, innovation, and resilience of local businesses. This year's ceremony was particularly noteworthy, as it showcased the remarkable achievements of companies that have thrived despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and global economic uncertainties.

Chamber President Derek J McNab praised the chamber's progress over the past year and outlined its ambitious plans to help Renfrewshire "Connect & Grow" in 2024. He emphasized the importance of collaboration and support among businesses to navigate the ever-changing economic landscape and achieve collective success.

Global reach with exceptional results

We are humbled to have been recognized with the ROCCO Award for International Trade, sponsored by Glasgow Airport. This award acknowledges our efforts to expand our global reach, foster strong partnerships, and drive export growth.

Our success is a testament to our team's dedication to navigating the complexities of international trade and establishing a firm foothold in overseas markets. Our unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service has been instrumental in our journey.

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Recognition, celebration, and community

The ROCCO Awards ceremony was not just about recognizing business achievements; it was also an opportunity to raise funds for worthy causes. The ROCCO raffle generated an impressive £9,000, which will be split between St Vincent's Hospice and the Provost's Charity fund for the Clothed In Love project.

The evening's entertainment was provided by the talented St Columba's School Pipe Band, who welcomed guests with their stirring melodies. Renowned Scottish comedian Fred MacAulay kept the audience entertained throughout the night with his witty banter and hilarious stories. And the exceptional vocalists of Scottish Opera captivated the audience with their powerful performances.

Renfrewshire’s business excellence

The ROCCO Awards trophies, designed and crafted by J.G.B. Steelcraft and Scotland's Bravest Manufacturing Company, served as a tangible reminder of the honorees' accomplishments and added a touch of local pride to the ceremony.

The ROCCO Awards 2023 concluded on a high note, leaving the audience inspired by the remarkable achievements of Renfrewshire's businesses and the strong sense of community that binds them together. The event served as a testament to the region's resilience, innovation, and commitment to excellence

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