Bruce Peat

24th October 2016

Product Showcase - Solaris Nitrogen

For our latest product showcase we take a closer look at PEAK's Solaris Nitrogen generator for ELSD engineered to meet the nitrogen requirements for high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with evaporative light scattering detectors (ELSD) and compact mass spectrometers.

For labs using an ELSD with their HPLC, the Solaris Nitrogen generator provides a gas solution for ELSD which can help labs who are optimizing ELSD and their lab analysis in general. Solaris is a dedicated solution which offers the nitrogen gas flow and purity required for ELSD whilst removing the inconvenience, hassle and safety concerns which are inherent with cylinder gas supply.

Furthermore, the Solaris nitrogen generator also acts as a suitable carrier gas for compact mass spectrometers where lower flow rates are required when compared with full sized mass spectrometers. 

The Solaris generator delivers flow rates up to 10L/min at an output pressure of 100psi and purity ranging from 95 to 99.5%, depending on the flow rate set. 

Solaris Nitrogen Generator for HPLC-ELSD

Solaris Nitrogen generator

As an optional extra for labs without an internal supply of high quality air for their generator, PEAK have also released an air compressor unit. The Solaris Nitrogen and air compressor generator modules also come in a stackable form factor meaning they can be placed neatly on a lab bench, requiring limited precious lab space.

See lab gas in a new light    

Solaris nitrogen and compressor for HPLC-ELSD and Compact MAss Spec

Illustration of Solaris Nitrogen generator for ELSD stacked with optional air compressor unit

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