Bruce Peat

12th July 2016

Product Showcase - Infinity NM32L nitrogen generator

PEAK's product showcase this week places the spotlight on our Infinity series which are compressor-less generators made for labs with an in-house source of compressed air.


Infinity NM32L

This edition of PEAK's product showcase takes a look at the Infinity NM32L. As the compressor-less equivalent to our best-selling Genius NM32LA, the Infinity NM32L is one of our most popular generators and is being used by numerous labs around the world providing instrument grade nitrogen for LC-MS systems. The NM32L uses the same tried and tested membrane technology that we use in the vast majority of our Genius and Infinity gas generator models which generate nitrogen using compressed air.

The Infinity NM32L, just like its Genius counterpart, delivers up to 32 liters a minute of nitrogen and we recommend it is paired with a single LC-MS instrument, at this flow rate it will be suitable as a supply source for most LC-MS instruments on the market. One of the core benefits of our Infinity series is that because it does not feature internal compressors, this generator has a small footprint and can fit seamlessly into any lab. The Infinity series of generators are also effectively silent when in operation and can perform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - delivering a truly uninterrupted supply of gas for analysis. That means no need to stop analysis when cylinders run out and no more worries about reducing purity when reaching the end of a cylinder.

The Infinity series of gas generators incorporates a wide variety of flow rates catering for numerous needs and requirements from labs. In order to get the most out of these generators the supply of house air needs to be good quality. As such we have recommended that house air should meet, as a minimum, ISO8753-1:2010 Class 1.4.1:

Class 1: Particulate. In each cubic meter of compressed air, the particulate count should not exceed 20,000 particles in the 0.1-0.5 micron size range, 400 particles in the 0.5-1 micron range and 10 particles in the 1-5 micron size range.

Class 4: Water. A pressure dew point (PDP) of +3 degrees C or better is required and no liquid water is allowed.

Class 1: Oil. In each cubic meter of compressed air, not more than 0.01mg of oil is allowed. This is a total level for liquid oil, oil aerosol and oil vapor.

Ask your local PEAK Scientific representative if you are unsure whether or not your air supply will be sufficient for an Infinity generator.

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