Bruce Peat

27th April 2016

Product Showcase - Genius NM32LA nitrogen generator

In this latest product showcase piece we place the focus on our best-selling LC-MS, nitrogen generator, the NM32LA.

The NM32LA is the latest iteration of several decades work into bringing labs the most effective on-site gas generation technology for supplying LC-MS instruments.

Before the NM32LA came to fruition, PEAK had already created a highly robust on-site nitrogen generator for LC-MS in the form of the now discontinued NM30LA. Building on this strong foundation allowed PEAK's engineers to enhance the product and develop an even more reliable solution and, after several years, in 2009 the Genius NM32LA was launched.  


Core to the NM32LA is ease of use and convenience. Once attached to a power source, the generator will deliver laboratory-grade nitrogen gas suitable for the vast majority of LC-MS applications. PEAK has been working diligently with suppliers to ensure the generator's components are of the highest quality meaning a truly robust and reliable end product for our customers, delivering hassle-free, on-site laboratory gas with minimal maintenance requirements.

With self-contained, integrated latest generation compressors, the NM32LA has no requirement for an external source of air and is, therefore, a complete standalone solution. The NM32LA's convenience is enhanced by its size, the generator has been built to fit under a standard laboratory bench, and it comes with wheels so it is easy to maneuver around the lab. Truly the pinnacle in on-site nitrogen gas generation for labs.

We are certain of the NM32LA's ability to perform and so are 1000s of labs around the world but you don't need to take our word for it, read independent reviews from the laboratories who use this machine day in day out by clicking here.

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