Bruce Peat

17th May 2016

Product Showcase - Genius 3010 nitrogen generator

This time in PEAK's product showcase we take a look at the Genius 3010 nitrogen generator.


Genius 3010

The Genius 3010 nitrogen generator provides a single nitrogen output, up to 64L/min and can provide gas for various LC-MS systems on the market today. We recommend the Genius 3010 for supplying nitrogen to two instruments of Thermo Scientific's MSQ Plus or for one instrument with Thermo Scientific's LC-MS with HESI or HESI-II. For Agilent the Genius 3010 is suitable for two instruments of the 6100 series LCMS (with or without Jetstream), the 6224 LCMS, the 6230 LCMS, most 6400 LCMS models including the 6470 LCMS and 6460 A/C LCMS, the 6520/6538 LCMS and the 6530 / 6540 / 6560.

Our Genius series of nitrogen generators include internal compressors for labs which do not rely on an external source of compressed air and want to be sure that the compressed air being supplied to their instruments is at a steady flow with minimal disruption. For most labs this means that they can be certain that no extra contaminants can enter their instrument and affect their analysis. The 30 range of Genius products feature increased flow rates when compared with other models in the Genius series and in most cases will have the capacity to supply two instruments, or can be used for applications which require especially high flow rates.

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