Bruce Peat

18th August 2016

Product Showcase - Corona Nitrogen 1010

Our latest product showcase takes a look at one of PEAK Scientific’s specialist solutions, the Corona nitrogen generator.

Although PEAK Scientific is renowned for our gas generator solutions for LC-MS and GC instruments, our gas specialist engineers have produced generators for other lab analysis such as Total Organic Carbon, CO2 analyzers, FT-IR and others


Corona Nitrogen 1010 generator

The Corona Nitrogen 1010 was initially developed to meet the exact specifications of Thermo Scientific’s Corona Veo Charged Aerosol Detector. Nevertheless, its ability to meet Thermo Scientific’s Corona means it is also suitable for most Charged Aerosol Detectors available on the market as well as for certain LC, HPLC and UHPLC instruments.

 Corona Compressor

Corona stackable Air Compressor unit

Delivering high purity nitrogen at up to 5 l/min the Corona system has been engineered with a stackable design to allow for the addition of an optional compressor unit for labs without an internal supply of high quality air.

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