Bruce Peat

17th February 2016

Bulk gas supply price increases

Back in December 2015, Praxair Inc. announced rising prices for customers in the USA, as reported by gasworld magazine

This will have a profound effect on laboratory budgets. The announced price increase took effect on the 1st of January 2016 and include up to 20% increase in price for nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and argon, up to 10% for helium and a further rise of up to 15% for facility fees. 

Prices for bulk gas supply are often subject to price fluctuations due to market supply and demand but in this instance Praxair has attributed these increases to rising costs associated with supplying their customers effectively. 

Although these rises are targeted solely at the USA, this announcement must leave many lab managers, regardless of where they are, wondering if price rises are going to continue and this unpredictability is certainly unavoidable with delivered gas. For many of these gases, however, there is another option in the shape of an on-demand gas generator.

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A gas generator removes the on-going pricing concerns that are inherent with delivered gas supply. With a gas generator, gas is supplied as it is required, at a consistent purity, unlike cylinders which need to be changed over when they run out and have depreciating purity as the volume of gas is depleted.

Producing gas on-site is not only a more cost-effective and convenient solution it is also a safer one as the gas produced is at a far lower volume and not pressurized to the same degree. An on-site gas generator also removes the additional hassle and safety concerns of having to carry heavy cylinders to, from and around the lab.

To find out more about on-site gas generation for your lab, contact PEAK Scientific here or view PEAK Scientific’s full product range here.

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