Emma Brady

1st September 2015

Precision Series made available by Agilent as 3PP generator solution

PEAK Scientific is pleased to announce that its Precision Series has been made available by Agilent Technologies as a 3PP gas generator solution for Agilent’s customers. The move will make it easier for Agilent’s customers to enjoy the benefits of PEAK’s on-demand GC gas solution for those requiring nitrogen, hydrogen or zero air for carrier, detector or make up gas.

blue end

A leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets, Agilent provides laboratories worldwide with analytical instruments, services, consumables and expertise. Widely recognized as a major and influential driver in the field of GC and GC-MS instrumentation, Agilent is at the forefront of new thinking and technological solutions for those working in separation science. Initially launched in 2013, Precision represents the cutting-edge of PEAK Scientific’s innovation in gas generator technology, designed to meet the specific requirements of GC applications. New models featuring custom blue LED lighting have been introduced exclusively for Agilent, as well as an added benefit of dedicated water bottle included with all Hydrogen generators.

PEAK’s Director of Engineering Chris Pugh commented that “With minimal annual maintenance requirements and low lifetime cost of ownership as well as being supported by our industry-leading [PEAK Protected] global service offering, Precision offers Agilent’s customers a cost-effective hydrogen, zero air and nitrogen gas solution they can rely on.”

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