Bruce Peat

15th July 2016

Pokémon Go at PEAK

Ever since the launch of PokémonGO we have been finding Pokémon all over PEAK HQ, at our desks and even in our Global Training Lab.

Our resident GC expert, Ed Connor, didn't seem too fazed by the sight of a Rattata but it wasn't interfering with his latest analysis so it was no problem. We caught it and are now one step closer to catching them all.  

PokemonGo Peak Scientific

PokemonGo Peak Scientific Ed Connor

Pokemon Go lab analysis GC

Ed has been working on some conversions of helium to hydrogen carrier gas for GC using a Bruker 430-GC and an Agilent 7890B GC. As you can see from the images, Ed is currently using a PEAK Scientific Precision series gas generator stack with two Hydrogen Trace units, a Zero Air generator and the optional Air Compressor to provide compressed air to all of the units. 

Emma, Marketing Executive, was initially shocked at the sight of a Raticate on the desk but soon warmed to the idea of having more Pokémon around.

PokemonGo catch them

PokemonGo Raticate desk office Peak

PokemonGo Lab rat

We were slightly concerned that we have only seen rat type Pokémon but we figured this must be because they are lab rats...

Have you seen any Pokémon in your lab? Send us your pictures to and we will post the best ones on our website.

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