Emma Brady

14th January 2016

Peek into PEAK - our tagline

In our last ‘Peek into PEAK’ we gave you an insight into where the name PEAK Scientific came from and the meaning behind our colorful logo.  This time we would like to delve a bit further into the world of PEAK Scientific and let you know a bit about our tagline.

In the past PEAK has explored various taglines such as ‘Go with the flow’ and more recently ‘Expect Innovation’ which have all served their purpose. However, PEAK wanted to go back to its roots and really make our customers aware of who we are and what we have to offer. With these questions being at the heart of our creative process our new tagine was born: Your local gas generation partner. 

So what does ‘Your local gas generator partner’ really mean and how can this statement help inform our customers? 


Your - Our brand equity is embedded in personal preference, we like to think our customers like dealing with us. This reinforces that personal connection, we are not a faceless corporate company we like to deal with our customers personally.   



Local – We are local, having a PEAK presence in over 20 countries across every continent around the world means we are never far away.  


gas generation

Gas generation – This is our core business. We offer gas generator solutions, a safer, more practical and reliable gas source to cylinders or dewars. 



Partner – We see the initial purchase of our gas generator as just the start of a long lasting relationship between PEAK and our customers.  As well as offering gas generation solutions, we can also boast the best customer service and generator after care on the market.

As a company we strive to live by the keywords represented in our tagline.  There have been many changes throughout PEAK’s life time in terms of brand, advertising and product development, however, PEAK’s Mission, Values and Vision have always remained consistent throughout, aiming to exceed the expectations of our customers, colleagues and suppliers. 

Stay tuned for the next ‘Peek into PEAK’ to discover more about our dynamic, innovative company and for further information on PEAK Scientific and its laboratory gas generators please click here and push your performance and productivity with PEAK.


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