Emma Brady

3rd December 2015

Peek into PEAK - Our Logo

Have you ever looked at the PEAK Scientific logo and wondered why the name PEAK, why a triangle or even just why those colors?

Well the team at PEAK HQ thought it was time you got to know us a bit more so we have decided to fill you in on some of the history and culture of PEAK in the coming weeks over our blog and social media platforms. 

So what better place to start that PEAK’s name itself…

PEAK Scientific is a family owned business whose origins lie in the distribution of air compressors. In 1997 PEAK Scientific's focus shifted to manufacturing laboratory gas generators.

In the very beginning, when deciding on what to call this new dynamic company, our now Managing Director, Robin MacGeachy, had just returned to his hotel room from a long and lengthy meeting. Sitting in a California hotel room Robin discussed this new venture with his brother. They had the innovative product and the drive to carry it forward, but they needed a name to provide instant recognition in the scientific world.

After a lengthy discussion and numerous suggestions Robin glanced behind him at the Matterhorn painting on the wall and it was from looking at its structure that they both agreed on the name PEAK.  This complemented the product nicely as when the lab uses a GC or a LC-MS they are looking for clearly defined PEAKs in their analysis. A gas generator supports the analysis by providing an uninterrupted supply of gas at a consistent purity to the analytical instrument.



Taking the shape of the Matterhorn and combining it with the name PEAK Scientific the foundation of our logo was born. 

old logo

As the company and the brand grew in stature, so did its logo, which now sports 3 distinctive colors.  These colors represent PEAK and its 3 main divisions which are:  PEAK Scientific, green, offering gas generator solutions for laboratories throughout the world. Orange, representing our industrial division, providing nitrogen gas for industries such as modified atmosphere packaging, laser cutting and electronic component assembly. Our Marine division sports a deep oceanic blue where PEAK supports ships out at sea by providing a nitrogen supply creating an inert atmosphere around the ships gearbox.

 PEak Logo


There have been many changes throughout PEAK’s life time in terms of brand, advertising and product development, however, PEAK’s Mission, Values and Vision have always remained consistent throughout, aiming to exceed the expectations of our customer, colleagues and suppliers.

We hope that giving you a little bit of insight into our logo or a ‘Peek into PEAK’ we have whet your appetite and that you will want to learn more about PEAK and what we have to offer. Our next ‘Peek into PEAK’ will give you an insight into our tagline and what it means to be a truly global company with offices on every continent. 


peak logo gif

For further information on PEAK Scientific and its laboratory gas generators please click here and push your performance and productivity with PEAK.


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