25th June 2024

PEAK launches new dedicated nitrogen solution for ELSD and Compact MS

PEAK Scientific has introduced the latest addition to its range of nitrogen gas generation solutions with the release of the Solaris 1010A. Designed by PEAK to further meet the needs of labs using ELSD with their High-Performance Liquid Chromatography, Compact Mass Spectrometer, or TLD reader instruments, the Solaris 1010A enhances PEAK’s nitrogen solution offerings by delivering a high-purity nitrogen supply for applications requiring flows of up to 10 liters per minute at pressures up to 100psi.

PEAK Scientific's Solaris 1010A nitrogen generator - white chassis with hmi touch screenPEAK's Solaris 1010A nitrogen gas generator

An evolution of the long-standing, and highly successful, Solaris 10 nitrogen solution, the Solaris 1010A is a standalone, on-demand nitrogen generator, designed to offer a space-saving solution to fit in any laboratory. An all-in-one solution that helps reduce complexity for labs, the Solaris 1010A is a cost-effective alternative to gas cylinders; reducing laboratory costs and carbon footprint by removing the need for repeated deliveries of gas cylinders.

Gregor Thompson, PEAK Scientific’s Product Manager for the Solaris 1010A, said, “We are delighted to have designed an upgrade to the existing Solaris 10 nitrogen generator to suit the ever-evolving needs of labs globally. By including a built-in air compressor in the Solaris 1010A, we have streamlined our customers’ workflow and workspace.


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