Emma Brady

13th January 2016

PEAK Scientific betting on success with Declan Irvine

A slight shift from the world of gas generation, PEAK Scientific’s owners, June and Robin MacGeachy are keen horse enthusiasts. Their passion extends not only to riding their own horses but to sponsoring Showjumping’s rising star, Declan Irvine.


PEAK Scientific have supported Declan in his career thus far by purchasing two show jumping horses that Declan both trains and competes with at various shows throughout the UK. Speaking in regards to the support PEAK offers Declan, June said:

“What started as rider-instructor relationship, when Declan was volunteered to teach my daughters and me, quickly became a fun friendship. He dramatically improved our riding and our horses. So in summer 2013, when he decided to start seriously competing in Showjumping, we were keen to help. Rosie was soon found, an absolute gem. We hadn’t thought of getting another horse until I saw Declan ride Jack, and felt they were made for each other. We never expected Declan to achieve this level of success so quickly, which is all credit to his talent, hard work and attitude. What I really like is his modesty, whenever he wins he credits the horse, and when he doesn’t he blames himself. Some riders enter the ring and immediately give the horse a couple of whacks and no acknowledgement at the end of a round. Whereas Declan always gives them an encouraging stroke both before and after they’ve jumped. It’s really rewarding to think we have been able to help this young sportsman and we look forward to more fun and excitement in the future!”

June had ridden on and off since she was a child, but never able to afford her own horse. As a consequence of the family enjoying several ranch holidays and weekly lessons, they decided to bite the bullet, and met Richard Duncan, owner of RD Sport Horses, specialists in the sale of all types of sports horses, ponies and cobs. Not only did Richard assist by introducing Robin, June and their daughters to Declan, but he also matched them with great horses. Richard and Declan are based at Castlespails Farm, Glenboig, selling horses, providing livery, lessons and unaffiliated competitions.

To hear more about Declan’s story click on the video link above or for further information RD Sport Horses click here.

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