16th February 2022

PEAK join SCIEX to discuss the benefits of a PEAK generator with the SCIEX 7500 system

PEAK were delighted to have recently collaborated with SCIEX on their webinar on overcoming the quantification of cyclic peptides with the latest triple quadrupole technology.

In the webinar the team discussed the point that the evaluation and quantification of trace-level cyclic peptides in biological matrices have remained challenging due to the high baseline interference in matrices, which can affect the selectivity of the quantification; the production of abundant fragment ions for the quantification; and the sensitivity of the quantification.

The webinar looked at how the new SCIEX 7500 system is ready to overcome the challenges of the low-level quantification of cyclic peptides with its enhanced desolvation and ion transmission based on the E Lens probe; its proven dynamic range, precision accuracy, linearity and reproducibility thanks to the D Jet ion guide; and its curved, high-energy and efficient collision cell to provide more fragment ions.

PEAK’s Marketing Manager, Bruce Peat, joined the team at SCIEX to discuss how a PEAK on site gas generator can support the SCIEX 7500 system to ensure a you achieve the best results by having a reliable and validated source of gas for your equipment.


You can view the full webinar below.

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