15th January 2018

Peak gets the 5 star treatment from SelectScience reviewers

Peak gas generators are robust, reliable and easy to use, but don't just take our word for it...


When shopping for any product it's a good idea to do some research and read a few reviews. It's an especially good idea when you are going to be relying on that product to keep your laboratory analyses running smoothly. We know that independent reviews are important when it comes to deciding which generator is right for your lab, and that is why we have listed a variety of our products on SelectScience, allowing scientists to review them and tell each other how Peak generators have performed in their labs. We are happy to report that the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. We've included a few of our most recent reviews below to help make your decision to choose Peak Scientific as easy as possible.


Genius NM32LA Nitrogen Generator

The culmination of over a decade's work perfecting on-site gas generation for LC-MS, the Genius NM32LA is the pinnacle of our Genius series. With many thousands of units in the field, the NM32LA has become the proven and reliable nitrogen generator of choice in countless laboratories across the world. Below are some of the Genius NM32LA's most recent SelectScience reviews:

Mohammed Salim Alam, University of Birmingham

"Can't live without the instrument - reliable, cost effective and extremely quiet!"

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Application Area: Analysing air pollution samples using GCxGC

"A great product which is reliable and effective in what it does – provides N2 gas and avoids the need for changing endless N2 cylinders that we would otherwise have to do. The N2 generator provides the perfect solution in generating N2 for our thermal modulator within the GCxGC. It is quiet, does not lose its pressure/flow and can be continuously run throughout the year (without breaks). The customer service, after we bought the instrument, has been amazing. Peak Scientific’s different service agreements have allowed us to tailor our service requirements to our needs. They have serviced the instrument on time replacing parts, if need be, in an efficient and timely manner which doesn’t slow us down with our analyses. As for value for money, we had become square on our investment within 2 months of purchasing! Would recommend to everyone!"

Pauline Weatherby, Addivant UK Ltd

"Reliable - no down time"

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Application Area: Stabilisers

"Very impressed with the recent service engineer Tim Christie- excellent service and a professional- knowledgeable about the generators. Both generators are relaible- company is well organised and books the PM (Preventative Maintenance) without having to request. I have had the generators for several days- no failures or repairs- no down time"

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Precision Hydrogen Generator

The Precision Hydrogen generators are designed to provide the gas needed for detectors requiring hydrogen fuel gas, such as FID and FPD. One generator is capable of supplying multiple detectors, and there are various flow rates available to suit individual laboratory needs. Read the latest Precision Hydrogen review below:


Paul Clarke, Thomas Swan and Co LTD

"We are very happy with the instrument and service"

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Application Area: Quality Control lab

"This is a high quality product which has proved an improvement to our department, Friendly and helpful staff have given excellent service back up. I have recommended this product to other departments."

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Precision Hydrogen Trace Generator

The Precision Hydrogen Trace 250 generator is designed primarily for GC carrier gas use, and can also be used for detectors requiring hydrogen fuel gas such as FID and FPD. One generator is capable of supplying multiple GC instruments. The latest review of The Precision Hydrogen Trace praised its 'great results'.


Bram Kusbiantoro, ICRR

"Great results and very good peak"

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Application Area: Analyze flavor compounds of coffee and other agriculture and food products, pesticide residues, fat

"The product is effective to support analysis of flavor compounds of agriculture and food products. The product is used for achieving high quality and reproducible results"

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Genius 3020 LC-MS Nitrogen Gas Generator

Combining the capacity of two separate Genius nitrogen generator systems into one fully integrated system in the same compact footprint, the Genius 3020 is a convenient and safe on-demand gas solution with dual output providing two independently controlled gas sources with the ability to supply two individual LC-MS instruments. Find out what the latest Genius 3020 reviewer thought below:


Olga Malysheva

"Reliable product. Hard to run mass spec without it!"

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Application Area: Analysis of different metabolites after nutritional studies on humans, mice, cells

"I like that it saves space in the lab because it is basically 2 generators in one box. Good for 2 mass specs. Very low maintenance. Easy to use, easy to get in touch with repair technicians and schedule visit if needed."

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Hopefully these reviews will make it easy for you to decide that a Peak Scientific gas generation solution is right for you. However, if you are still undecided why not read more of our reviews on SelectScience, or check out our User Stories?


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