Bruce Peat

23rd October 2015

PEAK Generator Crate Gets Doctor Who Style Makeover

Some of our customers have been very inventive with the crates that their generators arrive in.

If you cast your mind back you may remember we had a customer turn some of their generator crates into a chicken coup (there is an image below for those who cannot recall).

Crate chicken coup

PEAK Generator Crate Chicken Coup

It is safe to say though that the chicken coup has been truly out-done. Recently we were sent in an image from one of our customers who has turned their generator crate into a Rabbit Hutch designed to look like Doctor Who's Tardis.

Tardis Rabbit Hutch

PEAK Generator Crate Tardis Rabbit Hutch

If you have done anything special with your generator crates we would love to see it!

You can send any images to

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