Mira Dobreva

3rd June 2019

PEAK debuts modular MS Bench system with integrated gas supply for SCIEX LC-MS/MS

PEAK Scientific, the global leader in gas generation for laboratories, today unveiled its latest innovation at the 67th Annual ASMS Conference in Atlanta with the launch of the all-new MS Bench system. Developed exclusively for SCIEX, PEAK’s MS Bench SCI product line provides a modular workstation with integrated gas generation and a sound-dampening vacuum pump enclosure. MS Bench SCI is designed specifically for use with the current and latest mass spectrometers at SCIEX (excluding IVD medical device instruments).

MS benchMS Bench

Two variants of the MS SCI Bench are available, both identical in form factor, aesthetics and work surface. MS Bench (G) SCI features a self-contained gas generator, providing a reliable and cost-efficient source of both nitrogen (Curtain Gas™) and clean, dry oil-free air for source and exhaust gas at flows and pressures configured to meet SCIEX instrument requirements. This is the first time that PEAK’s validated and compliant Genius ‘plug & play’ (no external compressed air source required) generator technology has been fully integrated into an LC-MS workbench – providing a unique space-saving option for users of SCIEX mass spectrometers.

The other variant, the MS Bench SCI, comes without the gas generator and provides a noise-abated compartment below the bench. It is suitable for housing up to two MS roughing pumps. Both MS Bench variants are on height-adjustable laboratory-grade castor wheels for easy mobility and seamless integration with surrounding lab work surfaces.

“Combining our market-leading and proven Genius LC-MS gas generator platform with a tailor-engineered modular bench system, the all-new MS Bench (G) SCI represents another innovation milestone for PEAK. Equally, it demonstrates our ability to deliver customer-centric solutions to meet the specific needs of our major instrument partners – in this case for SCIEX,” commented Petra Gierga, Product Manager for PEAK Scientific

Paul Johnson, Senior Product Manager (OEM) for SCIEX added,
“SCIEX asked PEAK to develop the next generation of benches that meet our customer requirements while introducing unique usability features. The new MS Bench SCI product line provides an innovative bench solution to our customers looking to optimize their lab space and reduce the footprint of their LC-MS system.”

The MS Bench SCI products launch today at ASMS and will be on show in the PEAK hospitality suite. Both systems are expected to be available to ship later in Q3. Customers can order directly from PEAK Scientific and its approved distribution partners, or from SCIEX as part of a complete packaged LC-MS solution.


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