Emma Brady

23rd March 2016

Peak augments company presence with multi-lingual Product Catalogue

For those that follow our Peak blog and social media sites you will have noticed that our marketing team have been extremely busy over the past year with new branding, tagline, website and redesign of our product catalogue.

Since the launch of the new English language website last year, we have been working hard translating the content to various other languages to support our customers in key markets around the world.  This has been an ongoing process since the launch of the .com site and we can report that the website is now available in French, German and Spanish with Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese due to launch at the beginning of April.

We also believe it is important for our customers to have our literature in a language they can easily understand.  We want you to be able to access the information you require in your respective language, making it easier for you to find the right gas generator solution for your application. Since the redesign of the Product Catalogue last July, we have worked with a specialist translation company to bring both digital information in the form of the website and simultaneously the product catalogue.

The product catalogue is now available in English, French, Chinese and German and can be downloaded by clicking the links above. 

Highlighting the importance of delivering multi-lingual websites and literature, Head of Marketing, Mark Flanagan commented:

“Improving the functionality of our website and providing multi-lingual support in many key languages is key to our strategy, making Peak ‘your local gas generation partner’ wherever our customers happen to be globally.  In addition to our multi-lingual website also having our Product Catalogue in English, French, Chinese and German further strengthens our ‘local’ strategy.”

The new websites and product catalogues do not in any way replace the direct, responsive customer service that Peak have been known for throughout the scientific market for over two decades, but instead complement our direct customer interaction and can be used as an effective tool for providing up-to-date information.

For further information on Peak Scientific and its product offerings please click here.

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