2nd July 2019

One man's bad shot is another's gold

Exceptional wine, heavenly beaches, breathtaking mountainous landscape – sounds like a golfer’s dream, right? And a golfer’s dream-come-true it was for Peak’s Head of Global Recruitment’s son, Will.

As Will set out for his holiday in the idyllic Western Cape region of South Africa, he planned a couple rounds of golf. The holiday approached its end and, sad to be leaving, Will purchased a bag of golf ‘lake balls’ – golf balls ending up in nearby waters as a result of a bad shot, later retrieved by divers and then recycled for reuse. On packing the golf lake balls in his suitcase, Will was struck by a familiar logo on one of the balls: lo and behold, it was Peak Scientific’s very own golf ball!


Peak Scientific Golf Balls

Once notified, Peak Scientific took the matter very seriously and is now considering implementing intense golf training sessions for its Cape Town team. South Africa director, Dean Milbank, will receive one-on-one training to ensure no more Peak Scientific golf balls go astray!




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