8th March 2019

Nitrogen Generators in Russia

If your laboratory in Russia requires nitrogen gas for analysis, you might want to consider controlling costs by choosing a nitrogen generator to provide your gas supply.

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Nitrogen is a popular gas used by many labs in Russia to supply their GC or LC-MS instruments. It used to be the norm that the nitrogen gas would be supplied in nitrogen cylinders, as these were the best available option. However, time and technology have moved on and cylinders are no longer the best solution for laboratory gas supply, for numerous reasons.

A typical nitrogen cylinder contains around 9000 liters of nitrogen which means that in a typical lab performing GC or LC-MS analysis, a cylinder must be changed every 3 or 4 days. Changing gas cylinders is obviously an inconvenience which takes up valuable time, but more importantly it is also a health hazard to laboratory staff. Nitrogen cylinders are heavy and awkward to move and can cause severe injury if not handled properly. This is why all laboratory staff who must move nitrogen cylinders should be given the appropriate health and safety training before they are required to do so. Providing such training for all staff who require it is a drain on laboratory time and resources and should be taken into account when factoring cylinder use into a lab’s budget.

In addition to the health risk which the cylinders themselves pose, there is the 9000 liters of compressed nitrogen gas to consider too. If a nitrogen cylinder were to be damaged or leak, those 9000 liters could rapidly change the atmosphere in the lab, and possibly even result in asphyxiation.

With nitrogen gas generators however, these safety concerns are not something to worry about. Nitrogen generators produce nitrogen gas on demand as your instrument requires it, so they only store a minimal amount of gas, never enough to be dangerous or cause asphyxiation. They also don’t need to be moved once installed so staff do not need to be trained to move them safely, as is necessary with gas cylinders.

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Swapping out nitrogen gas cylinders once they are depleted is an inconvenience as well as a safety concern, and it isn’t the only inconvenience that labs have to contend with when their gas is supplied this way. Nitrogen gas cylinders must be monitored when in use for two reasons. Firstly, to ensure that they do not run out mid analysis, and secondly to monitor purity. Each time a gas cylinder is used is a new opportunity for impurities to be introduced and pollute the gas. This is such a common occurrence that laboratories are encouraged to abandon the last 10% of nitrogen gas within a cylinder as, as the last portion of gas within the cylinder, this is the portion which will have been the most contaminated.

With a nitrogen generator on the other hand, there is no need for monitoring. A nitrogen generator is your very own nitrogen production powerhouse, so it will never run out, especially not mid-analysis. Nitrogen generators also produce a constant purity of nitrogen, eliminating the need for purity monitoring entirely. For these reasons, taking control of nitrogen production with nitrogen gas generators is an altogether more convenient gas supply option for laboratories in Russia.

In Russia, as in many countries at the moment, laboratory budgets are strained, which is why any savings that can be made, should be made. The good news is that, when compared to nitrogen gas cylinders, there are savings to be made by switching to a nitrogen generator. Cylinder gas comes with many costs which need to be factored into lab budgets such as cylinder rental costs, delivery costs and administration costs, not to mention the ever-increasing price of the nitrogen gas itself. Over a year these costs add up to a significant amount, an amount which is difficult to predict in advance, which can make sticking to a budget tricky.

However, with in house nitrogen production from one of PEAK Scientific’s nitrogen gas generators, hidden and increasing costs are never an issue. After the purchase of your nitrogen generator, the only ongoing cost you will need to consider will be for annual maintenance. Fortunately, maintenance costs can usually be ‘locked in’ for several years at a time, which makes them simple to factor into laboratory budgets.

In terms of safety, convenience and cost, nitrogen gas generators are overall a much better gas solution for laboratories than gas cylinders. If you require nitrogen gas in Russia and want to control your costs and ensure a reliable supply and purity, a nitrogen generator from PEAK Scientific could be the perfect solution. We supply gas generators worldwide and, no matter where your lab is in Russia, we can supply both the ideal generator for you, and any maintenance it requires, directly at your lab.

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