14th February 2019

Nitrogen Generators in Japan

Many laboratories in Japan use nitrogen gas for a variety of purposes. If your laboratory requires nitrogen gas for analyses such as LC-MS, ELSD or Sample Evaporation, one of PEAK Scientific’s nitrogen gas generators could be the perfect fit for your lab.

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If you are already using nitrogen gas in your laboratory in Japan it’s likely that this will be supplied via gas cylinders. Gas cylinders have typically been the traditional method of supplying gas to laboratories but they are no longer the most suitable supply method, for a number of reasons.

Gas cylinders introduce an element of risk to the laboratory and laboratory staff. They are heavy and awkward to move so anyone who must handle or move them should have the appropriate health and safety training before they do this. Another danger with gas cylinders is that they store large volumes of pressurized gas. A typical nitrogen gas cylinder contains around 9000 liters of gas, which, if the cylinder were to be damaged or leak, could rapidly enter the lab, changing the lab’s atmosphere and potentially causing asphyxiation. On the other hand, nitrogen gas generators produce minimal amounts of nitrogen only as it is demanded by your instrument, never storing enough to be dangerous in the event of a leak.

Inconvenience is also a problem with gas cylinders. Not only must lab staff take time out of their day to monitor and change gas cylinders when they run out, they must also spend time placing orders, accepting deliveries and storing the gas cylinders for use. Inconvenience is never a problem with nitrogen generators as, once they have been installed in your lab, they will produce nitrogen gas at the push of a button, whenever your instrument requires it, allowing you to focus on your analysis.

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A nitrogen generator like PEAK Scientific's Solaris XE will generate nitrogen at the push of a button

Gas cylinders also fail to meet the mark where gas purity is concerned. They vary in purity from cylinder to cylinder as well as from first to last use of the same cylinder. The high likelihood of contaminants being introduced to the stored gas each time the cylinder is used is why it is recommended to avoid using the last 10% of nitrogen gas cylinders. This last 10% of the gas will contain the most contaminants and impurities, which could have a negative impact of your analysis results. With a nitrogen generator, however, purity is never an issue. Nitrogen generators will always produce a constant and consistent purity of gas for your analysis, so you will never need to worry about impurities affecting your results.

Nitrogen gas generators are also much friendlier to laboratory budgets than nitrogen cylinders. With gas cylinders it is necessary to account for repeatedly deliveries, cylinder rental charges, administration costs and ever increasing gas prices, all of which make it difficult to project future costs to factor into a laboratory budget. Keeping track of future costs isn’t a problem with a nitrogen generator. Aside from the one-off purchase cost of a nitrogen generator, the only other cost to factor into a lab’s budget is the cost for annual servicing. Fortunately, this is usually very easy to factor into lab budgets as, with most nitrogen generators, annual service costs can be ‘locked-in’ for a number of years.

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PEAK Scientific’s full range of nitrogen gas generators are available in Japan so if your lab needs gas for LC-MS, ELSD, Sample Evaporation or any other application which requires nitrogen, PEAK will be able to provide a suitable nitrogen solution.

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If your lab in Japan is still using gas cylinders for your nitrogen gas supply, it’s clearly time to switch to a nitrogen generator to bring the benefits of increased safety and convenience to your lab, and the benefits of constant and consistent purity to your analysis.


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