21st February 2019

Nitrogen Generators in France

Laboratory techniques such as LC-MS and GC are widely used in France and typically require nitrogen gas. Although using dewars or cylinders are ways that labs in France can supply nitrogen to their instruments, the ideal solution for many French laboratories is to use a nitrogen generator.

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A quality nitrogen supply is essential to ensure reliable analysis results from GC (Gas Chromatography) and LC-MS (Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry). Traditionally labs have had to put up with poor quality nitrogen gas from gas cylinders as these were at one point the most convenient option for laboratory gas. However, cylinders are very unsuited to protecting the purity of your gas supply. Each time a gas cylinder is used is another opportunity for contaminants and impurities to pollute the gas it contains. This is why it is necessary for lab staff to monitor them regularly for purity and why it is strongly recommended to abandon the last 10% of gas within a cylinder, as this will be the gas which is the most contaminated.

On the other hand, with a nitrogen generator – the ideal gas supply solution for modern laboratories – purity is never an issue. Nitrogen gas generators will always supply a consistent purity of gas which is tailored to your instruments needs. Once you have installed a nitrogen generator which produces the correct purity of nitrogen gas for your instrument, you will never again have to worry about, or monitor, the purity of your nitrogen supply.

A Peak Scientific Genius XE Nitrogen Generator

A PEAK Scientific Genius XE Nitrogen Generator

Purity monitoring is not the only inconvenience of using gas cylinders. They must also be monitored to ensure they do not run out mid-analysis and when they do, they must be changed over. Moving heavy and awkward nitrogen gas cylinders in France requires health and safety training for laboratory staff. Health and safety training is unfortunately only one of the reasons why gas cylinders interrupt valuable lab staff time. Time must also be spent on administration, ordering cylinders, accepting deliveries, chasing late deliveries, storing cylinders and setting them up for use. When laboratory staff are spending their time on these trivial tasks they are not spending it doing what’s important to the lab, focusing on their analysis.


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The good news is that nitrogen gas generators solve all of these problems. Once installed, you simply need to push the button on a nitrogen generator and it will produce a constant supply of nitrogen, at a consistent purity, to your instrument for as long as it requires it. Another benefit of nitrogen generators is that they are cost-effective. Laboratory budgets in France, as in many other places, are under increasing pressure. Switching from nitrogen cylinders to a nitrogen generator means that delivery charges, cylinder rental charges and ever increasing gas prices  are no longer costs which need to be factored into a laboratory’s budget. With a one-off purchase cost for a nitrogen generator, the only other cost that would need to be factored into a lab budget is for annual maintenance, and the cost for this can usually be locked for a number of years, not only making your budget easier to manage immediately, but also long-term.

Just as candles, which were once the most convenient way of lighting our homes, were replaced with light bulbs, it is time for labs in France to modernize and replace nitrogen cylinders with nitrogen generators. A nitrogen generator is not only a much more convenient and modern solution for laboratory nitrogen gas supply, it is also more cost-effective and is much easier to manage within a lab’s budget. Nitrogen gas generators are also much safer in the lab than using gas cylinders. If you would like to upgrade your laboratory nitrogen supply in France contact us today or view our wide range of laboratory nitrogen generators here.

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