Bruce Peat

16th February 2017

New Solaris Nitrogen Generator for ELSD and Micro Mass Spectrometers

With variable purity in relation to outlet flow and pressure, Solaris can comfortably supply nitrogen to one or two ELSD instruments, or a single Compact Mass Spectrometer.

Delivering a consistent, on demand supply of instrument-grade nitrogen at up to 10L/min and at purity levels of up to 99.5% (flow dependant), the new Solaris Nitrogen from PEAK Scientific is a dedicated gas generation solution for HPLC-ELSD and Micro or Compact Mass Spectrometers. 

Solaris nitrogen for ELSD

Stackable Solaris nitrogen generator for ELSD

The Solaris Nitrogen generator can also be paired with the optional standalone Solaris Air Compressor for labs without a suitable in-house source of compressed air to supply to the generator. With its stackable form factor, it sits under the Solaris Nitrogen, taking up no more precious bench or floor space as the Solaris Nitrogen generator on its own.

With a consistent purity and stable flow of gas, labs with a Solaris Nitrogen generator need not worry about gas cylinder impurities disrupting analysis and wasting precious lab time, or cylinder changeovers causing unplanned interruptions to lab work. The Solaris Nitrogen generator also presents clear safety benefits for labs as they no longer need to store large volumes of compressed gas in their facility.

Solaris Nitrogen Generator HPLC-ELSD

Solaris nitrogen generator for Compact Mass Spectrometer

Supported by an unrivalled network of dedicated field service engineers located in over 20 countries across the globe, and a fully comprehensive generator warranty which covers every component, a gas generator from PEAK Scientific provides labs peace of mind that their lab gas supply is assured day in, day out.

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Solaris Compact Mass Spectrometer nitrogen solution

Solaris nitrogen generator with optional air compressor

With the introduction of the Solaris range, it’s time to look at lab gas generators in a new light.

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