5th July 2019

Minister for Trade, Investment and Innovation Visits PEAK China

Scottish Minister for Trade, Investment and Innovation, Ivan McKee, visited PEAK Scientific in the company’s office in China on 4 July 2019. The Minister met with Chris Harvey, Director for China at PEAK Scientific, and the rest of the PEAK team in China.

During the visit, the Minister engaged in discussion with PEAK members of staff on the business’s growth in the region, as PEAK Scientific continues to see plans of investment come to fruition, with approximately 30% of its Scottish manufactured products delivered to China in 2018.

In May this year, PEAK invested in a brand new entity, PEAK Gas Generation Shanghai Limited. The new entity serves as the company’s gateway into new Chinese markets outside of its core laboratory business in the analytical and life science space, reflecting the global enterprise’s ambition to focus on specialist fields.

PEAK Scientific’s growth stems from its successful trade in the analytical and life science laboratory market across the globe. Over the years, the company has developed a business model built on its ability to provide world-class service of its products. The global strategy has seen ongoing successful results across China.


Staff members from PEAK China with Director for China, Chris Harvey (centre-left), and Minister Ivan McKee (centre-right)

Chris Harvey, Director for China at PEAK Scientific, says, “Our approach to doing business in all our markets is, over all, standardized. However, there are some unique characteristics to China that we have recognised. For example, the size - both geographic and cultural - and the pace of change and acceptance of new technologies. These aspects of the Chinese market are not barriers but do require some understanding.

“As a global business, one of our values is our drive to align ourselves with the specific requirements of the market. At PEAK, our vision is collaborative. We work with our customers as local partners in tailoring our services to their individual needs.”

Recognized as Exporter of the Year in the 2018 China-Britain Business Council Burn’s Supper, and British Chamber’s Best New Exporter to China 2016, PEAK’s base in China has seen growth year on year since its initial presence in region in 2012.


Chris Harvey continues, “Targeting these new markets in China and establishing our brand profile comes with its challenges, as if we were setting up from scratch. Our new Chinese entity demonstrates to our potential customers that we are dedicated to gas generation, and that we are specialists in our field to the benefit of our customers”

“We also strongly believe that we can navigate through these initial challenges with the support of partners such as SDI and Scottish Enterprise. There are many opportunities for Scottish businesses to play a part in China’s development and enriching the lives of Chinese people, and China welcomes this.”

PEAK China has established a number of regional references with its i-Flow range of industrial scale nitrogen generators in the pharmaceutical manufacturing, heat treatment, food and beverage packaging/dispensing and electronics assembly processes. The company’s hydrogen generators have increased in the demand for enhancing chemical vapor deposition processes in the semiconductor thin film industry. The zero-air generators are being tested for use in nationwide vehicle testing stations where exhaust fumes testing is a requirement for roadworthiness.



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