30th April 2019

Mass Spectrometry has been used to demonstrate a link between a high calorie diet and an accelerated ageing process.

Mass Spectrometry demonstrates that a high calorie intake shortens lifespan

Researchers from Colorado State University and Brigham Young University have examined the impact of ribosomes, minute particles where biological protein synthesis takes place, on the aging process.

The scientists experimented with mice, giving one group of mice an unlimited supply of food while only providing another group with all of their daily required nutrients. The group with unlimited access to food consumed around 35% more calories per day.

Using protein mass-spectrometry and stable isotope feeding (to examine the ribosomal proteins of the mice) the team determined that the mice with the lower calorie intake had a slower ribosome production. The slower ribosome production in these mice caused biochemical variations which resulted in a slowing of their ageing process. As a result, these mice were less vulnerable to disease, were more active and had a longer lifespan than their well-fed counterparts.

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It is now clear, thanks to protein mass-spectrometry, that in mice a higher calorie intake leads to a shorter lifespan. While controlling calorie intake will not prolong lifespan indefinitely, it is worth noting the effects that have been seen in these mice, of being less vulnerable to disease and having a longer lifespan, and considering these effects next time you are debating whether or not to indulge in a high calorie treat.

Mass Spectrometry was key in demonstrating the link between a high calorie diet and an accelerated aging process in this study. You can find out many of the other applications for Mass Spectrometry, particularly Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) in our User Stories section.

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