Bruce Peat

2nd March 2017

Looking for your gas generator serial number?

With our new Lost & Found campaign launched recently we though it best to give some helpful tips on how to find your serial number.

In order to enter our Lost & Found competition you must send us the serial number of a gas generator which was previously unregistered in North America.

You will also need to send us your gas generator serial number to register your generator's fully comprehensive warranty. This is a warranty unlike any other on the market, it covers all parts of the generator, unlike other gas generator manufacturers; warranties which only cover the cheaper and easily replaceable parts. Your gas generator serial number is also required when signing up for a [PEAK Protected] service contract.

What is my gas generator's serial number?

Your gas generator serial number is a unique identifier for your gas generator. It assures that each generator, regardless of make or model, has its own identity from when it was hand built by our gas generator experts in our ISO:9001 accredited manufacturing center of excellence, to when it arrived in your laboratory or facility. 

The serial number of your gas generator is an 8 or 9 character code following the format of Axx-xx-xxx, where “A” denotes a letter (or in some cases two letters) and “x denotes a number.

 gas generator serial number format

Reverse of a Genius 1050 nitrogen gas generator


Where can I find my serial number?

Your gas generator's serial number can be found on a plate on the reverse of the generator, for many models this will be close to the gas output.

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