Emma Brady

2nd March 2016

Key Points to Consider when Purchasing Lab Technology

In one of Sciex latest posts titled: Key Points to Consider when Purchasing Forensic Lab Technology, Philip Taylor discusses a recent report on that refers to analysis carried out using a Sciex QTRAP 5500 linear ion-trap mass spectrometer.

The article written by Bjoern Mossmann, Nadine Roth and Voker Auwarter includes a comprehensive analysis using an LC-MS/MS to prove that finding cannabinoids in hair does not necessarily mean cannabis consumption.  

Following on from his analysis, Philip Taylor raises the question: how do you choose the right technology for your lab? 

His article highlights several key points for consideration if your analysis involves mass spectrometry, these are:

Price - Stay on budget while being sure the instrumentation is dependable

Reliability - Can you prep your samples and run a method without interruption?

How many samples can you run? - Do you have the solution to address the increasing demand of your lab?

Support - What type of after sales service and support is available to you?

All of these points are key to ensuring the best possible results for you and your lab, and this approach should be applied to all equipment, even down to the generator coupled with your LC-MS. 

PEAK Scientific’s Genius series of compressor based nitrogen generators and Infinity range of compressor-less generators can be partnered with your LC-MS to help you achieve the best possible results.  With convenience, consistency, reliability and a fast payback/return on investment at the heart of all PEAK LC-MS gas generators you can be rest assured that the key considerations noted by Philip are all suitably addressed. 

Not only are PEAK market leaders in gas technology, the service and support we provide is what sets us apart from our competition.  Our dedicated [PEAK Protected] service support team is available to offer round the clock support and with a direct local presence in over 20 countries PEAK can guarantee a rapid response in the unlikely event that your gas generator experiences a technical fault. 

For further information on PEAK Scientific’s LC-MS gas generators and [PEAK Protected] service click here.

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