3rd January 2018

How To Pick A Good Generator

Cylinders and Dewar tanks are extremely inconvenient and costly to replace, but they also come with some safety risks. Now, more and more laboratories are beginning to use gas generators to replace those cylinders or their liquid nitrogen, because generators are both safe and convenient. 


However, there are many different generator brands on the market, making it difficult to tell the difference. If you choose a poor quality generator, you may be faced with increased service and maintenance costs.




1. The authority of the certification
Certificates are a very important factor to consider when picking your generator. Peak is an ISO 9001 accredited organization, covering design manufacturing, and servicing of laboratory gas generators. Recognized in over 150 countries, ISO 19001 certification illustrates our dedication and care to products and services around the world. Our generators are also tested to comply with CE directives, a legal requirement for products sold in the European Union. We have also received six Queen’s Awards in the UK with royal approval for innovation and international trade. Receiving this award six times is unprecedented. Additionally, Peak generators are CSA certified. The CSA mark offers peace of mind to our customers around the world that our products have been tested and approved by a third party and meet both North American and Canadian Standards and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) standards. 

awardsCSA intext


2. Internal structure and software control system
Although the basic principles and hardware of the gas generators available on the market are relatively similar, the internal design and the gas controls are quite different.

The software control system directly determines the stability of the generator, failure rate and service life. Peak has a highly qualified and professional R&D team, with decades of experience in gas generator technology. Inside our generators, we have an advanced software system and a control system that is different from any other manufacturer.

3. The gas tank has a steel plate with all of the relevant permits
The tank has the corresponding permit number and other information like the year built and serial number.

Steel Plate

4. Exquisite appearance
Peak generators have an appealing finish and have been built with space-saving in mind. Some brands look rough, have simple logos and even rust problems.

PrecisionPrecision Series generator stack


5. Perfect, professional after-sales service
After-sales service is a very important benchmark for measuring brands and products, especially for gas generators that require on-site installation, regular maintenance, and replacement of consumables.

Some brands have few certified engineers, and after the initial sale they are nowhere to be found. There are some third-party services options available, and although the price is low, the quality of parts cannot be guaranteed. With Peak, our engineers are located all over the world, go through professional training and certification, and can provide fast and timely responses with on-site service within 72 hours, and even faster in some locations. Get [Peak Protected] and provide your lab with a quality after-sales service protection plan with IQ / OQ certification.

FSE doing service

Peak engineer performing maintenance

A good generator is not only a good product, but also the peace of mind that comes with it! So choose Peak, your local gas generation partner, and you can have a laboratory gas solution that you don’t need to worry about.


Start making the switch    


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