8th June 2023

PEAK announces the most energy-efficient N2 generator on the market

The 71st ASMS conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics in Houston, Texas hosted PEAK Scientific’s giant leap in innovation as the company announced its newest nitrogen gas generator, Horizen 24, ahead of its launch later in the year. Designed for Single Quad LC-MS, Horizen 24 is the culmination of 25 years of dedication to manufacturing nitrogen generation solutions for LC-MS. PEAK Scientific, industry leader in laboratory gas generators, will bring to market a solution that will save laboratories money, space and environmental impact without compromising gas quality and reliability.

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PEAK has introduced a range of proprietary technologies to create its most efficient nitrogen generator to date. Features include brushless compressors which reduce power consumption by over 50%, a two-stage active moisture safeguard minimizes the risk of moisture entering the gas stream, and heat optimization technology to protect the membrane from water droplets enhancing performance and reliability in the gas stream. This exciting innovation also houses advanced multi-stage purification to produce ultra-dry, high-purity nitrogen gas for LC-MS analysis.

Horizen 24 n2 gas generator

With demand growing, PEAK Scientific set out to manufacture the most energy-efficient nitrogen generator on the market with the smallest footprint in its class. Using over 50% less energy, the Horizen 24 can save labs on power consumption and with 55% less heat your lab’s air conditioning costs can be reduced. Horizen 24 can also help labs to minimize their operational carbon footprint compared to cylinders and equivalent generator models.

Fraser Dunn, PEAK Scientific’s Head of Design Engineering, said of the launch, “Horizen 24 has truly been a giant leap for us at PEAK in the benefits we can provide to labs around the world with this latest nitrogen generator for Single Quad LC-MS.”

“The generator has been fitted with a number of new technologies which have helped us to achieve better energy efficiency than any other single quad nitrogen generator on the market. We’ve not only reduced the cost of ownership for labs, we’ve produced a nitrogen generator significantly smaller than its predecessor without compromising on quality, reliability or purity.”

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