Emma Brady

23rd September 2015

New Application Note: Helium - what is the current cost to labs

Hot off the press – view Dr Ed Connor’s latest application note: Helium – what is the current cost to labs?

In his most recent application note Dr Ed recaps on the helium shortage of 2013 and explores what has happened over the last 2 years since the global helium shortage was the hot topic in GC.  This latest post answers questions such as where do we currently stand and what is the outlook in the short term?

To read the full application note visit: or to download please click here

Getting to know Dr Ed Connor

Ed Connor DR.SC. is GC-MS Application Specialist, PEAK Scientific, Inchinnan Business Park, Scotland, UK . Prior to joining PEAK in February of this year, Ed completed his Dr.Sc. at ETH Zurich in Switzerland using GC-MS to look at herbivore induced plant volatiles and their interaction with beneficial insects. He then joined the University of Zurich where his work focused primarily on volatile collection methods and analyses using GC-MS and GC-FID . 


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