14th June 2018

Genius XE -What does XE mean?

Genius XE Nitrogen provides a premium standalone nitrogen solution for high performance LC-MS.

Inspired by the success of our best-selling Genius line of nitrogen gas generators for LC-MS, Genius XE Nitrogen is a cutting-edge evolution combining advanced technology with refined and robust engineering. You can learn why the Genius series was named 'Genius' here. To find out why Genius XE Nitrogen generators have 'XE' in their name, read on.

Genius XE Nitrogen generators are the next evolution in our Genius line, engineered to exceptionally high specification using proven and precision designed components, developed and refined over years of experience in manufacturing nitrogen generators for the laboratory. Designed to perform day in, day out, Genius XE Nitrogen provides a premium standalone nitrogen solution for higher sensitivity LC-MS and other mission-critical laboratory applications where performance and reliability are paramount. In other words, Genius XE Nitrogen is the generator you can rely on...when only exceptional will do.Genius XE Group Shot

Genius XE 70 and Genius XE 35

With two models - XE 35 (up to 35 L/min) and XE 70 (up to 70 L/min), and featuring Multi-Stage Purification™ and next-generation integrated compressors with Electronic Compressor Optimization™ (ECO) technology, Genius XE Nitrogen delivers factory certifiable purity up to 99.5% on-demand, 24/7. Our aim with Genius XE Nitrogen was to deliver exceptional performance and reliability to your lab everyday, and since it is able to provide high-flow, high-purity nitrogen gas on demand, 24 hours a day, we are confident that Genius XE Nitrogen delivers eXceptional Everyday, and that's why we called it Genius XE.



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