Bruce Peat

30th May 2018

Free World Cup 2018 Wall Planner

The excitement is building at PEAK HQ for this year's Football World Cup 2018 competition which begins on the 14th of June with hosts Russia taking on Saudi Arabia.

PEAK HQ is based in Scotland and although Scotland will not be taking part in the competition this year there are a lot of football fans at PEAK who will be watching the tournament with great interest and supporting the teams of our colleagues throughout the globe. 

Download your free interactive World Cup 2018 wall planner to keep your lab up to date with the latest scores. You can print this off in A3 and stick it up in your lab or it also works in digital format so you can type in the scores on your PC, mobile or tablet.

Free 2018 World Cup Wall Chart

We hope you enjoy the tournament and wish the best of luck to all of our customers' and colleagues' teams at what is shaping up to be a very exciting World Cup. 

Click download to get your free wall chart    


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