Emma Brady

27th October 2015

Dusty on Tour #dustyontour

Over the past few months we have posted various social media updates introducing the PEAK  audience to Dusty, our Managing Director’s dog, which over the years has become PEAK's unofficial mascot.

Dusty visits PEAK HQ on a regular basis to visit the team and in general cause chaos around the office by stealing lunches, barking during meeting and in general being a bit of a diva.

dusty in the MD Office

Dusty in the MD Office 

However, over the years the team at PEAK HQ have grown to love having Dusty in and around the office and her presence only adds to the fun and friendly atmosphere here at PEAK. Being seen as the PEAK mascot we felt it only fitting that we demonstrated that in some way – and what better way to do this than create our very own and very realistic Dusty doll.

dusty with cocktail

Dusty enjoying a cocktail before her next meeting 

Our intention is to take Dusty around the world exploring the sites and visiting our own and our OEM booths at exhibitions. We want you to join in the ‘where is Dusty’ phenomenon so if you see her be sure to post a photo on facebook or twitter and include the hashtag #dustyontour for a chance to win a fabulous prize. 

Alternatively you can send your Dusty picture to and we will upload it to the PEAK social media channels.

dusty with her suitcase

Keep your eyes peeled as we have heard that Dusty packed her suitcase and made her way to the Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis (BCEIA) this week. 

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