24th December 2018

Discover our dedicated solutions for Advion expression CMS

Advion's expression CMS is a high performance compact mass spectrometer which requires a supply of nitrogen gas. At PEAK Scientific, we have some dedicated nitrogen generators which meet the requirements of this portable mass spec.

Advion CMS Mass Spectrometer

As the Advion expression CMS is portable it can be used for mass spectrometry in the field. This is why our nitrogen solutions for this instrument are easily portable. One nitrogen solution is our compact Solaris 10 Nitrogen generator.

The Solaris 10 nitrogen generator has been engineered and designed as a gas delivery solution for Compact Mass Spectrometer instruments (such as the Advion CMS), ELSDs and TLD readers. Thanks to its space-saving design, Solaris 10 can be placed on a benchtop and paired with an additional air compressor unit to provide air supply for labs  without an in-house air supply or who wish to contain their gas supply in a single  system.

Solaris 10 Nitrogen Generator

Solaris 10 nitrogen generator

Solaris 10 delivers

  • up to 10L/min
  • 95 – 99.5% Purity
  • 100 psi

Solaris Air Compressor for Solaris 10 (optional)


Solairs Air Compressor

  • Has an outlet pressure of 120-145 psi
  • Takes up no extra footprint (stackable with Solaris 10 Nitrogen Generator)
  • Has a duplex compressor mounting system for low noise and vibration

In addition to the Solaris 10, PEAK’s Genius N118LA nitrogen generator can also meet the requirements of the Advion expression CMS. A compressor-based solution, this nitrogen generator does not require an external air supply which makes it another attractive gas solution for mass spectrometry in the field. You can discover how Sheffield University have used the N118LA nitrogen generator specifically for this purpose, to supply an Advion CMS being used in the field, here.


N118LA Nitrogen Generator

Genius N118LA Nitrogen Generator

N118LA delivers

  • Up to 18L/min
  • Laboratory grade nitrogen
  • 100 psi

If your lab uses an Advion expression CMS, PEAK Scientific can supply the perfect gas solution to meet your needs, especially if your lab has a requirement to conduct mass spectrometry field research. All PEAK gas generators have been engineered to deliver the constant flow and purity you demand, at the push of a button and all come backed with a 12 month warranty as standard. To equip your Advion expression CMS with the perfect gas solution to meet your needs, contact us now.


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