18th August 2021

Could you add value to your lab with just one nitrogen gas generator?

At PEAK Scientific we have recently designed the newest addition to the Infinity range of nitrogen generators – the Infinity XE 60. In designing this nitrogen generator, we believe we can truly add value to your lab – large or small, focusing on one application or five.

While gas cylinders have historically been used to supply many labs with the gas needed to support their applications, it is becoming evident that this is no longer the most sustainable option for many businesses. A gas generator, however, can start adding value to your lab from the moment of installation by helping you to reduce downtime while lessening the environmental impact your activities have on our planet.

Whether value is measured through money, time or impact, the Infinity XE 60 series is designed to ensure your lab can achieve all of its goals.


PEAK Scientific's Infinity XE 60 nitrogen genrator

PEAK Scientific's Infinity XE 60 nitrogen gas generator

What does adding value mean to you?


A nitrogen gas generator, such as the Infinity XE 60, offers labs the freedom to move away from gas cylinders and gain the independence of having their own on-site gas generation solution. A gas generator, unlike gas cylinders, is a one-time purchase which will eventually help you to see a return on investment. Gas cylinders, however, have limited capacity which means you will have constant financial outgoings in order to keep your lab equipment running as required.

The Infinity XE 60 supports multiple instruments and applications, including LC-MS, ELSD, NMR, FT/MS, and Sample Evaporators. By supporting multiple instruments, the Infinity XE 60 can help you to reduce your lab’s costs as the one stop shop for your nitrogen gas needs.

3 year cost of ownership comparison between a compressor-less nitrogen gas generator vs. gas cylinders


We’ve all heard the phrase, “time is money” before and, while it’s cliched, it still holds true. When it comes to your gas supply you want to make sure that this is something you have control over, not something that could be an obstacle to your goals. When you use gas cylinders, you are reliant on the supplier of those cylinders in order to function as your lab intends. This can, obviously, pose a number of issues.

Firstly, gas cylinders need to be changed. A cylinder doesn’t know when the most convenient time for this is though, which leaves you at the mercy of cylinders. This could happen during an analysis, rendering your results obsolete, or it could happen just as you are about to start your day, meaning you need to change the cylinder before you can begin working – impacting on your productivity.

With the Infinity XE 60 nitrogen generator, you are able to produce gas on-demand in your lab. No waiting for cylinders to be changed or running out of nitrogen during your analysis. By producing gas on-demand in your lab, you are also eradicating any issues in the supply chain when it comes to cylinders. Should there be any circumstance where a cylinder delivery is not possible, your research is held hostage by the cylinders. With your own on-demand supply, you do not have to worry about being left with no nitrogen.


In recent years, it has become more apparent that the environmental impact we have is becoming more important to businesses and individuals alike. In becoming conscious of green practices and how we can create more sustainable processes, businesses are looking for newer, more efficient ways to go about their day-to-day activities.

With the Infinity XE 60, you have a more sustainable, and environmentally-friendly, method of on-site gas generation for your lab equipment. Not only does the Infinity XE 60 produce nitrogen gas from sustainable resources, but we have also incorporated Intelligent Membrane Management (IMM) into the generator. The IMM adjusts the compressed air requirements based on gas consumption and target purity. By doing this, depending on the set up, IMM can help to reduce compressor run hours which can increase the generators service life while reducing the carbon footprint.


In the Infinity XE 60, PEAK Scientific have designed a range of nitrogen generators that not only reduce costs for labs, but also reduce the downtime and carbon footprint of your lab. The Infinity XE 60 can supply you with a cost-effective, sustainable generator that you can rely on to help you take on your most important tasks.

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