Bruce Peat

2nd September 2016

Chromatography inspired Cognac

This week we came across an interesting story regarding the design of a new Cognac bottle using chromatography. 

One of the world's largest Cognac producers, Hennessy, have released a new bottle for their 2016 V.S.O.P PRIVILÈGE. To design their new bottle, Hennessy brought in artist and designer Peter Saville who is renowned for using science in his art.

Chromatography was the inspiration for Saville's bottle design in this instance. Using the data obtained by analyzing liquer through a chromatograph, Saville was able to use the visual representation of this data in the unique design of the cognac bottle and packaging.

Cognac Chromatography Nitrogen

Speaking about the design, Saville highlighted that “This dynamic composition of elements is the interpretation of the real, scientific data within the V.S.O.P blend. The 2015 Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège Limited Edition shows what V.S.O.P would look like if we were able to stand inside the very structure of the cognac’s blend. What one immediately observes is that there is a very constructivist connotation to the V.S.O.P blend: its material properties and its large presence both come into play.” 

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Ref: Chromatography Today

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