Bruce Peat

14th March 2017

Anything less and it's not [Peak Protected]

With every Peak Scientific generator comes the most comprehensive gas generator warranty around, which can be enhanced with the purchase of a [Peak Protected] service contract.

When we say comprehensive, we mean it. Every part of your generator is covered as part of your warranty. No ifs. No buts. From the outside panels to the screws which hold everything together, Peak's warranty covers it all. We like to emphasise our service as it's what differentiates us from other gas generator manufacturers, whose warranties are not fully comprehensive, whose service is not performed at your lab's location and whose product does not come with the guarantees of a Peak gas generator.

When your warranty expires, one year after the installation of your generator, your need for uninterrupted gas supply doesn't. That's why we recommend that you continue protecting your investment and your laboratory workflow with a [Peak Protected] service contract. Gas generators contain moving parts and over time they will deteriorate and need replaced. With a [Peak Protected] service contract, not only can you be sure that your generator is functioning to its best, with all replacement parts and labor callout charges covered, you can also avoid an unexpected bill putting a dent in your budget throughout the year.

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There are numerous [Peak Protected] plans to suit all budgets and laboratory needs. The most popular plan is the Complete Protected plan which includes annual maintenance, full breakdown cover, round the clock technical support and a guaranteed on-site response time.

Where time is critical, Premium Protected (region specific) can bring labs a guaranteed 24 hour on-site response time as well as all of the benefits of a Complete Protected Plan.

For large organisations with on-site maintenance staff, the Supported Maintenance plan can deliver scheduled maintenance, the parts and instructions to carry out annual maintenance.

Where the resource isn't available or you need a specialist Peak trained engineer to carry out routine maintenance, the Fixed Price Preventative Maintenance plan allows you to lock in the price of your annual maintenance for several years.

[Peak Protected] also offers compliance support in the form of IQ/OQ for labs needing to meet strict industry or corporate regulations for their lab instrument set up. 

As our tag line defines, we are "your local gas generation partner" and it is our mission to ensure that your instrument gas continues flowing day in, day out with minimal fuss and interruption. 

Peak Protected Global Service for lab gas genrator

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