United Kingdom

3rd - 4th November 2022

Join PEAK Scientific at the

Scottish Metabolomics Network Annual Symposium 2022

Key info:

3rd-4th of November 2022

P&J Live, Aberdeen

About Scottish Metabolomics Network Symposium 2022

From 3rd to 4th November the Scottish Metabolomics Network will hold their annual symposium at P&J Live in Aberdeen. The Symposium will provide you with the opportunity to meet with like-minded professionals and to discuss current work and challenges within the area of metabolomics while learning about the latest cutting-edge products for your laboratory.

Join us as we showcase our range of nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air laboratory gas generators for LCMS and GC on the 3rd and 4th November. We invite you to stop by at our booth and learn more about our products from one of our lab gas experts.

Find out more about the Scottish Metabolomics Network Symposium.

Precision Nitrogen, Hydrogen & Zero Air for GC

Some of the products you can expect to learn more about from our lab gas specialists

Especially designed to support GC applications, our Precision range of gas generators represents the cutting-edge of Peak Scientific innovation. Precision combines convenience and reliability in a stackable and space-saving design. It is a safe and practical GC gas solution for hydrogen gas and nitrogen gas in your lab. The main benefit of Precision is the flexibility it provides in specifying models best suited to your application. The nitrogen and hydrogen on-site generators are available in two variants – Standard and Trace laboratory grades. Your use of the product, will dictate the most suitable model for you.

There are a few reasons why hydrogen is becoming the preferred choice for carrier gas. It is widely available in the atmosphere, easily attainable and more affordable. In terms of using hydrogen for GC carrier gas, it provides laboratories with the same level of sensitivity as helium but creates a faster speed of analysis, which can lead to an overall improvement in workflow.

Genius XE35 Nitrogen Generator

Genius XE has been designed and manufactured based upon an already reliable and high-performance laboratory nitrogen gas generator, delivering even greater performance. With high-performance compressors, eco technology, touch screen interface and multi-stage purification, Genius XE provides variable flow rates up to 70 L/min, pressure up to 116psi and purity up to 99.5%, when only exceptional will do.

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