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Hydrogen Detector

Safety is of the highest importance in the lab and the Precision hydrogen detector operates in conjunction with the Precision Hydrogen Trace models to ensure peace of mind for those cautious of having Hydrogen produced in the lab.

The Precision H2 detector works by connecting to the GC oven and monitoring the level of Hydrogen in the oven, the only place where there is a possibility of Hydrogen building up. In the unlikely event of a Hydrogen build-up, the generator is automatically shut down, keeping the lab safe.

Reliable, convenient and easy to install - the Precision hydrogen detector is the perfect way to keep your lab safe.

Merck Milli

Merck Milli-DI®

A compact and easy to use water purification system, producing deionized water directly from tap water.

Compact and wall mountable, the simple to change DIPAK can be changed in seconds, when required, with no leakage.

A steady supply of deionized water is required to support Peak Precision Hydrogen generators making the Merck Milli DI® and Precision Hydrogen a perfect match for your lab's GC carrier gas.

De Ioniser (2)

RiOs-DI® Water Purification Systems

The RiOs-DI systems provides high quality water (ASTM Type 2) from tap water that can be used alongside the Precision Hydrogen Trace.  Users do not have the same issues of maintenance, storage and cleaning which are associated with general purification methods encountered with other systems.

This purity is only capable due to the efficient technology of osmosis which involves de-ionization resins to produce high-quality pure water with high resistivity and low TOC (> 10 MΩcm and < 30 ppb).

The systems product water is stored in an internal reservoir, and is ideal for low volume laboratory applications.

11Water Bottles

Water Bottles

Our external, refillable water bottles connect to your Precision Hydrogen Trace generator to store ASTM Type 2 de-ionized water for Hydrogen production.

Designed to prevent biological growth in the water supply, the water bottle can be used to store clean, high-quality water for your GC and GC-MS.

The PEAK Hydrogen Trace Water Bottle comes in two sizes:

4L - 15x15x35cm (LxWxH)
8L - 20x20x42.5cm (LxWxH)

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