Ukraine / Russia situational risk mitigation statement

Last reviewed: 01/04/2023

Peak Scientific is closely monitoring the unfolding conflict zone situation in Ukraine and taking all necessary steps to manage and mitigate any risks to business continuity that this presents.

We are confident that we are not exposed directly to any risks with our supply chain and/or our ability to manufacture and deliver goods and services to customers outside the affected areas. We are working with our global logistics partners to ensure deliveries to customers in Europe and Asia continue without disruption, avoiding reliance on freight routes or logistical sub-contractors that involve passage through Ukraine, Belarus or Russia.

Peak is also ensuring that our exports and any supply chain or sub-contracted activities are maintained in full accordance with any applicable sanctions resulting from the current conflict situation and will be monitoring this changing landscape daily.

As a UK based manufacturing operation, we are relatively well insulated from the immediate regional impact and risks relating to any foreseeable expansion of the conflict on neighboring areas. We are working closely with our distribution partners in Eastern European countries to ensure this risk is managed on a continual review basis.

Peak’s direct customers throughout Europe will continue to be served by our field sales and service capability in these respective areas and we see no immediate risk to this continuing as normal.

At this point, we consider the risk to business continuity as minimal and the impact on our normal business operations limited only to the cessation of sales and deliveries in the relevant territories. Peak Scientific has taken a decision to halt all sales to Russia and Belarus with immediate effect, and is continuing to pause on shipments into Ukraine itself while the logistical situation remains obviously extremely difficult and uncertain.

We will continue to review and manage all risks to this as the situation unfolds and provide an update to our customers should this picture change and any impact on delivery made clear.

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