27th September 2018

With Genius XE, you're fully covered for 2 years

Our most advanced nitrogen generator comes with an exceptional warranty as standard.

Not all warranties are created equal and, at Peak Scientific, we believe that the warranty for all of our gas generators is the best on the market. We believe this because all of our generators come with a truly comprehensive on-site warranty. This means that should your gas generator develop a problem, we will send a Peak Certified Field Service Engineer to your laboratory (anywhere in the world) to try to resolve the issue on-site and get you back up and running with minimal fuss and disruption.

What’s more, when we say fully comprehensive, we mean it. Every part of your generator is covered during warranty. While other manufacturer warranties may only cover certain components or require the return of your generator to the factory for repair, leaving you without gas for weeks or even months, our warranty is designed to give you complete peace of mind.

One of Peak's values as a company is being restless. This means that we are constantly striving for improvement, even with our market-leading warranties. This is why when we developed our new Genius XE nitrogen generators, the most advanced nitrogen generators on the market designed for applications where only an exceptional gas supply will do, we made sure that they come with an exceptional warranty to match.

Genius XE

Genius XE 70 and Genius XE 35

Our warranties are already fully comprehensive so there's not much room for improvement. However, thanks to the advanced technology used in our new Genius XE nitrogen generators, they come with a 2 year warranty as standard. As long as your Genius XE generator is serviced at the end of its first year by a Peak approved agent, it will be fully covered under warranty for another full year. You can learn more in our Warranty Statement.

The Genius XE range has been designed as a gas solution for high performance LC-MS and other mission-critical laboratory applications where performance and reliability are paramount. In short, Genius XE generators are ideal for labs that can't afford to compromise when it comes to their instrument gas.

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