Emma Brady

10th August 2016

Stoller Biomarker Discovery Centre opens its doors

The University of Manchester has officially opened its multi-million pound Stoller Biomarker Discovery Centre. The Centre will assist in the identification of unique markers of cancers or arthritis and it is hoped that these markers will ensure the right treatment for patients as early as possible.

Officially opened in June 14th the center was funded by a generous gift from the Stoller Charitable Trust and the Medical Research Council. The Centre, in partnership with Sciex, will help to industrialize the process of identifying biomarkers.

The Centre contains a large suite of high-end Sciex mass spectrometers, including TripleTOF® 6600 Systems with SWATH Acquisition, QTRAP® 6500+ Systems, and the Sciex Lipidyzer Platform, for proteomics research. The University of Manchester has also invested in a number of liquid chromatography and automated sample preparation components for the Centre, from Sciex and other Danaher life science companies.

Sciex mass specs and tables

Sciex Mass Spectrometers and MS Tables 

Supporting the high-end Sciex mass spectrometers are the PEAK Scientific, MS tables. The tables, designed exclusively for Sciex, can be supplied as a standard version -  on its own as a table, or in a premium version which includes an inbuilt Infinity 1031 gas generator allowing the supply of curtain, source and exhaust gases. The research Centre has 8 tables premium tables on-site providing the gas for the mass specs.

Jean-Paul Mangeolle, President of Sciex, speaking about the official Centre opening, stated:

“It takes more than providing great instruments to be part of a movement as important as precision medicine; it takes strong collaborations with customers, partnerships with industry leaders and teamwork with our colleagues”

PEAK Scientific are delighted to have equipment in this new facility. This state of the art facility will address some of the biggest issues in medicine today and in an environment where these discoveries can move quickly to improve people’s lives.


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