12th September 2017

Safety Lights On Your Gas Generator

Have you ever been using an instrument you work with every day when it displays a warning light that you have never seen before?

It can be troubling if you are not sure what the light means or what kind of problem it is trying to warn you about. PEAK Scientific gas generators have the following warning light indicators: Service, Alarm & High Duty lights.

Service lights are used to reflect the running time of a compressor, as this will inform you when a service is required on the compressor. As long as the gas generator is equipped with a built-in compressor, the generator will have a service light. PEAK gas generators that have an internal compressor are the Genius Series nitrogen and dry air generators and the dedicated Precision and Solaris air compressor units.

Each compressor will be able to run for a certain period of time before a service light turns on to suggest that the compressor needs preventative maintenance. This is similar to a service light in a car where the car can drive a certain number of miles before maintenance is required.

Models such as the Genius 3020 Series and NM32LA are equipped with the Alarm & High Duty Lights. These lights indicate that the gas generator needs a repair. There are a number of reasons why this light can turn on including leaks, compressor output flow, lack of pressure, or damage to a component.

Generator Safety Lights

Genius 30 series. To the left is the High Duty light, and on the right is the Service light.

Whenever a light is illuminated on your PEAK gas generator and you are not sure what it means, please contact your local PEAK Scientific support center.

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