21st November 2017

PEAK Scientific Presents at the National University of Singapore

In November, 2017, PEAK's South East Asia team, were at the National University of Singapore to showcase some of our key gas generator solutions for labs. 

National University Singapore lab gas generator

Senior Territory Manager, Rod Wilson, presented to students and professors on the importance of how a gas generator can improve safety, workflow and economy in laboratories. 

Peak presents at NUS

Senior Territory Manager, Rod Wilson

Following his presentation, Rod Wilson had this to say about the event: "Speaking to Singapore's next generation of laboratory scientists was a privilege. We believe that our gas generators are the future of laboratory gas supply so it is fitting that we prepare young scientists for using this equipment so they can enjoy the benefits of on demand gas generation in the lab, allowing them to focus on their research."

Why should you consider a gas generator?

Well that’s easy! It provides you with an on-site gas solution which is practical and cost effective unlike cylinders which are dangerous and incur unnecessary delivery, administrative and rental costs, all of which can impact business revenue. A gas generator from PEAK, provides you with a simple, on demand gas solution saving you time, money and hassle. 

Product Group Shot

PEAK's core series of nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air gas generators for LC-MS and GC

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Peak at the National University of Singapore

Audience for the presentation at the National University of Singapore



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