Lake Louise

29th - 2nd December 2023

Join us at the Tandem MS Workshop

29 Nov - 2 Dec

Lake Louise, Alberta

About the Tandem MS workshop

The Lake Louise Workshop has been held each year since 1988, and now operates as a not-for-profit organization. The Workshop provides a forum for sharing the latest MS/MS developments related to proteins, peptides, lipids, sugars, metabolites, environmental contaminants, novel instrumentation and methods, fundamentals and ion reaction dynamics, as well as many other topics.

PEAK are delighted to be sponsoring this meeting and networking with contacts new and old, as we showcase our range of nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air laboratory gas generators for LCMS and GC.

What's happening at the Tandem MS Workshop

Take a look at the preliminary program and register.

Where to find the Tandem Mass Spec Workshop

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